Thank you for choosing to work with Icon Umbrella during your contract. It is a great privilege to work with you. Icon Umbrella wants to support you as much as possible, so we want to ensure the Payment process is fully understood going forward together.


Pay Advice & Remittance Process


·         To ensure prompt payment without issue, it is important that we receive both the pay advice and corresponding remittance by 4pm on Wednesday


·         Without one of the two documents, it will certainly delay the payment being made.


·         Both documents need to be correct and present for the payment process to start.


·         Icon Umbrella aims to make all payments before 3pm on Thursday of every week as long as we have received both the pay and correct corresponding remittance.


·         However, if late payment will be received on Friday


·         It is the responsibility of the Freelance Contractor/Agency to ensure we receive both documents correctly annotated.

·         All advance payment request will incur a charge of £30



Delivery of Pay Advice and Remittance


All Pay Advice and Remittance MUST be sent directly to the Payroll/Accounts Department:


 External link opens in new tab or


Icon Umbrella wants to thank you for your continued support.